Power NI

Last Updated: June 2020

Power NI is the largest electricity supplier in Northern Ireland. It holds a total market share of 55.7% or approximately 455,063 customers.

Power NI has a large mix of both top-up and bill pay customers.

Prior to competition in the energy market, Power NI was the incumbent sole provider. Due to its dominant market position, the supplier continues to be subject to price controls – this requires the Utility Regulator to authorise price changes and enables them to cap the margin (amount of profit) Power NI makes from price-regulated customers.

Cheapest Power NI Tariffs

The supplier's current cheapest tariffs by unit rate are:

NameEffective Unit Rate ex VATEffective Unit Rate inc VAT
Bill Pay - Energy Online - Monthly Direct Debit16.78p17.62p
Keypad Reward - Top Up £50-79 online or app - £1 free electricity17.06p17.91p

Article last updated: 10th June 2020

For Bill Pay customers spending over £250.00 per quarter, you may be subject to higher charges.

Keypad Reward – please note the top-up amount of between £50-£75 is required to achieve these rates.

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How green is Power NI?

Source: https://www.uregni.gov.uk/sites/uregni/files/media-files/Fuel%20Mix%20Disclosure%202018%20Publication.pdf

How do existing customers rate Power NI?

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