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10 Ways to Earn a Second Income

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Published Nov 11th, 2020

Whether it’s in preparation for the extra financial expenditure over the Christmas period, or to save up for a special holiday, we could all do with a bit of extra money. But without getting a promotion at work, how can we get those additional funds?

The solution is much simpler than you think. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 ways of earning a second income:

Health warning: Remember if you take on a second job, or if you start working for yourself, you’ll probably need to tell HM Revenue & Customs, and you may need to pay extra taxes. Read more here.

Sell Old Clothes

A timeless solution to financial stresses; selling some of your unwanted or under loved clothes. But now, in 2020, this process is easier than ever before.

Through mobile apps such as Depop, users can create their own profile, or ‘store’, and sell any products they wish to. Other popular second hail retail options are eBay, Shpock, or Facebook Marketplace. Aside from purchasing more clothes to sell, the only consistent overhead would be posting and packaging.

Additionally, if you have some clever crafting skills or artistic abilities, consider selling your hand-created products on sites such as Etsy. Networks such as this put creators in direct contact with customers looking for unique, high-end creations.


Another age-old solution to money problems; driving a taxi/cab. Again, in 2020, this is a more viable option for employment than ever before with huge multinational companies like Uber and Lyft making it easier to become a driver, for cash, in your free time.

Bear in mind, you will need a suitable car, driving licence, car insurance, and a smart phone to begin your driving career. Plus, both Uber and Lyft do take a percentage of everything you earn, but it is an easy way to get set up as a driver and kickstart some incoming money.

The best advice is to speak to Uber, Lyft, etc. before committing to any job.


Similar to working as a driver, but with much cheaper start-up costs, many people have taken up working as a Deliveroo delivery driver to build a second income - all that is required to begin is a working bicycle and smart phone. Plus, all of the exercise involved in shuttling food back and forth across town will improve your physical health, potentially saving you paying that expensive monthly gym membership!

Otherwise, if Uber and Lyft aren’t for you, use your car to work for Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or other private food establishment hiring delivery drivers.

House sitter

This may be a surprising option, but for those with multiple properties, employing a house sitter to live in a home is an increasingly popular method of protecting the landlord’s portfolio. In addition, if you can work from home while house sitting, which is becoming the norm in 2020, you could potentially double your income (combining your paid wage and wage for housesitting).


On the other hand, if you are a landlord and have ample spare room in your home, or other properties, consider AirBnb. But, speak to AirBnb directly, before making any moves, for guidance and instruction.

This is an online service which rents out rooms, experiences and entire locations, to paying customers. In fact, with a diverse range of users, all seeking a different travel experience, you have the potential to rent out your private quarters for some real cash.

Un-used gift cards

We all have them lying somewhere around our home, don’t feel guilty; the £30 gift card for a shop, you don’t like, given to you at last year’s Christmas. But this money does not have to go to waste. Instead, sell the pre-loaded card for a profit on sites like cardyard.co.uk and zapper.co.uk

Trade in electronics

This same principle can be applied to your un-used electronics. Aside from clearing out space in your home, removing these aging electronics can build you up a little cash. If still in working order, electronics can be sold for a tidy profit on sites such musicmagpie.co.uk, uk.webuy.com and cashcoverters.co.uk

Take surveys

A simple method of turning your spare time, into spare income. Take surveys, share your opinion on products/services, and make money. The most popular options are PrizeRebel and MintVine, and although they do not always run perfectly, they are a simple option for some spare cash

Mystery Shopper

Is there a better job than being paid to shop? Considered to be a very flexible opportunity for part-time work, this role requires you to work as a mystery shopper or mystery diner in pre-selected establishments.

With over half a million registered mystery shoppers in the UK alone, it is becoming more difficult to land these lucrative employment positions – but its financial appeal is clear to see!

Index Stocks

Although this is a less secure method of raking in a second income, its yields have a much higher potential ceiling. With stocks, there is not an exact science of how to guarantee success. But, by paying close attention to the FTSE 100, you can begin to invest in a variety of companies with high dividend yields. For example, if you invest £100 in a company with a 6% dividend yield, you could see an income of £6 per year of income. This tactic repeated across several streams could be a very fruitful return, as a second income.

Remember to consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.